This toolkit is designed for organizations and individuals that want to use participatory action research (PAR) to support their work towards social justice.  PAR helps us to analyze and document the problems that we see in our communities; allows us to generate data and evidence that strengthens our social justice work and ensures that we are the experts about the issues that face our communities.  In this toolklit you will find case studies, workshops, worksheets and templates that you can download and tailor to meet your needs.

New Tools!

We have added 10 new tools to the Research for Organizing Toolkit!

Developing a Research Advisory Board: As a best practice in doing participatory action research, we suggest convening a research board consisting of organizers, academics, lawyers or policy analysts that specialize in the issue you are researching. We’ve developed the following new tools to help set up your advisory board.

Tool: 2.6 Advisory Board Invitation Template

Tool: 2.7 Sample Advisory Board Meeting Agenda Template


Additional Survey Development/Implementation Tools: We developed the following new tools to help develop design and conduct outreach for surveys:

Tool: 3.19 Sample Demographics Survey Questions

Tool: 3.20 Sample Demographics Comparison Chart

Tool: 3.21 Sample FAQ Sheet for Surveying

Tool: 3.22 Survey Building Blocks

Tool: 3.24 Sample Outreach Plan for Surveying

Tool: 3.26 Crafting Survey Questions


Observation Tools: We have developed a protocol for recording observations during large group meetings such as community visioning sessions or town hall meetings.

Tool: 3.23 Sample Note Taking Protocol for Small Group Sessions


Data Entry Tools: We have developed a step-by-step process for data entry that will help reduce error when analyzing data.   

Tool: 4.4 Sample Survey Monkey Data Entry Protocol

Step-by-step Timeline of a Participatory Action Research Project